About Format Digital

Glen Honeybone

Format is the design and development studio of Glen Honeybone. Glen's unique approach combines digital design, front-end development and rigorous strategic thinking to create digital experiences that are not only visually striking, but also intuitively interactive.

Clarity is a guiding principle throughout Glen's process — from understanding the brief to the decisions behind aesthetics, functionality and interaction. Clarity isn't an abstract ideal but emerges from a meticulous attention to detail: from the subtleties of a transition to the intuition behind an interface element. It's about understanding that every detail matters in crafting a clear, user-focused narrative that turns ambitious ideas into real, tangible products.

But what truly inspires Glen is collaborating with business owners, startup founders, studios, and other creative minds. With over a decade’s experience working with local and international clients, Glen is renowned for delivering memorable results optimised towards adding business value.

He also likes coffee — let's grab one.